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Crayfish and/or US fish tank thoughts

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Posted 05 September 2011 - 09:50 AM

It's the variability that everyone describes that makes this hobby so interesting. If it were all guaranteed - if we do this then we get that - then it would just not be as much fun. Too true, there are some general rules that if broken you are likely to get the predicted results but then someone posts a story about it all working out. Add that to the addiction of fishing and collecting and then add tank arrangement and then add all those little happy guys that come to the front of the tank to see your face and feed - it is just a great hobby.

I did all this when I was younger and now that I have just retired I am getting hooked on it all again. All my old hobbies are becoming new again.

Glad I found NANFA.


Well said. Add to that the enjoyment of studying fish from local streams in your own home and having a lot of good folks to discuss it with and it just keeps getting better.


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