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Cemetery Crawdads

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Posted 10 July 2012 - 09:03 PM

I went to a reception following the funeral of a reasonably close friend's wife (who I'd never met) in Colma, which is South of San Francisco.

There was a small pond, maybe 200 yards by 60, which was overgrown with lilypads (what do I know, they were big flat single leaves, bigger than a dinner plate) and algae. But at one end, I found at least 100 crayfish claws, all bleached. There were a few heads, but no bodies or tails. Along the front of the pond were a few more, including a couple which were reasonably fresh kills because flies were hovering over them. They were just heads, broken off and the body and tail were missing. There was no flesh left and no maggots either.

These were very large claws, big as my thumb. There were two fresh kills which were the normal lobster color on top, but one which was almost robin egg blue.

My phone didn't have much charge left on it, otherwise I'd've taken photos.

There's an anniversary ceremony coming in 40 days, and if I attend, I will be certain to take photos. I didn't see any gambusia at the edge of the water, but couldn't go too close as signs were posted saying the bank was very soggy. I didn't see or hear any frogs either but did hear a splash and see a swirl at the other side.

Is this common to find just heads and claws left behind by raccoons or possums?

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#2 Guest_rjmtx_*

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Posted 11 July 2012 - 09:29 AM

Yes, and also cormorants.

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