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NANFA Convention 2013 - Green River Drainage Trips

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Posted 06 January 2013 - 08:48 PM

The following is the information regarding the field trips to the Cumberland River Drainage.

We will be offering 2 trips to the Green River drainage. On Saturday Uland Thomas, will be guiding a trip to the Green River and some of its tributaries. On Sunday there will be a trip to the Barren River. If you are heading West/ Southwest, you may want to consider this trip for Sunday.

Green Drainage Location Map:

Posted Image

Google Map:

The Convention is the place marker in the lower right of the map. The drive from the lodge to the 1st location is roughly 1 1/2 - 2 hours plus stops. This trips has the longest drive, but the Green River is amazing and is in the top 5 in the nation for fish diversity. It truly is a state treasure and an amazing waterway.

Possible Species:
Follow the links to see the complete species listings:

Gresham: http://fw.ky.gov/kfw...=ScientificName

Greensburg: http://fw.ky.gov/kfw...=ScientificName

Species of Interest Include:
Orangefin Darter
Posted Image

Kentucky Darter
Posted Image

Tippecanoe Darter:
Posted Image

Gilt Darter:
Posted Image

Redfin Shiner
Posted Image

Other species of interest include, but not limited to: Elegant Madtom (Green River Endemic), Banded Darter, Streamline Chub, Spotfin Shiner, Highland Shiner.

Details for the Sunday Trip are still being worked out. We hope to go to the Barren River. You will see a lot of similar species in the Barren with the addition of the Splendid Darter.

No Take Species for this trip include:
Mountain Brook Lamprey
American Brook Lamprey
Pallid Shiner
Stargazing Minnow
Blue Sucker
Highfin Sucker
Slender Madtom
Northern Madtom
Northern Cavefish
Spring Cavefish
Southern Cavefish
Western Sand Darter
Spotted Darter
Longhead Darter

Posted Image

These species have been decided on based on their status of T&E, and with the help of the KDFWR. These species will not be allowed to be taken at the convention. If you are into Crayfish, the 1st planned location is a site for the Bottlebrush Crayfish. I have personally dip-netted one here that was over 12 inches.

You can register for the NANFA convention here:

This is not a signup for the trip. There will be a signup at the convention for each trip. We will include maps, directions, and phone numbers at the convention. Not all collecting locations are shown here. Some locations may be added/subtracted based on time. Please be ready to leave at 8am. Lunch will NOT be provided. Trip leader may stop at a local restaurant and/or gas station, but that will be decided on during the trip. If you have any questions or suggestions please comment and myself or Matt will try to answer.

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Posted 21 March 2013 - 11:48 AM

Just an update on the Green Drainage trip for Sunday. If you are heading west or south/west to go home we will be going to the Barren River to hopefully see Splendid Darters. Here's the spots.


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