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Brookie School

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Posted 26 August 2014 - 11:26 PM

I was taking a walk last Saturday and looked off a bridge and saw these Brook Trout, who promptly swam upstream into the current. I had my normal (not my underwater) camera with me so I filmed them from above. This was difficult as they scattered to other areas with the slightest of move. The video isn't much (they were tough to see to begin with and youtube size reduction makes it worse).

I know these are brookies (3-6 inches long) as I used to fish for them as a kid.

They only gather here part of the year (late summer and early fall I think, but I never paid attention to when to know for sure). I am not sure why it is only a temporary gathering spot.

I am also not sure why they are so skittish (maybe because everything finds them delicious). I look off the bridge and as they go running. I move to get a better view and they scatter to another spot.

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