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San Diego visit in June

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#1 gerald

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  • Wake Forest, North Carolina

Posted 14 May 2015 - 10:47 AM

My family will be in the La Mesa / San Diego CA area the week of June 17 to 23.  What are the best nature preserve/park areas around there for seeing unique natural areas, wildlife, herps, fish, etc ?   We're planning a visit to Living Coast Discovery Center ... what else would you suggest? 

Gerald Pottern
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#2 Leo1234

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  • san clemente, california

Posted 14 May 2015 - 08:41 PM

I live in san clemente (it is about an hour north of San Diego and an hour south of Los Angeles) and my dad lives in oceanside (basically 38 miles from San Diego. I don't know how much in time though).


I will look up some areas around La Mesa for you. I know there are some lakes in San Diego county. Lake Murray is in the north west area La Mesa. I will look for more places online tonight. I hope you have a great time!

#3 BenCantrell

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  • San Diego, CA

Posted 14 May 2015 - 10:11 PM

I did some work in San Diego a few years ago.  I know your question is about natural areas, but I enjoyed the Birch Aquarium.  It's nothing spectacular, but I remember the kelp forest exhibit being pretty neat, especially since that's the habitat a couple hundred yards from shore in San Diego.



#4 EBParks

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Posted 21 May 2015 - 11:14 AM

I agree, Birch is really nice for a small public aquarium. Snorkeling La Jolla Shores (which Birch overlooks) is really awesome. Snorkeling right of the beach early in the morning yields great views of leopard sharks, guitar fish, and other predatory fish coming up from the nearby kelp forest to feed in the shallows before the beaches get crowded. Every time I go back there to visit friends, I try and get out there.

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