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Anyone near Georgetown TX want some longears?

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#1 Betta132

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Posted 24 September 2015 - 08:43 PM

I have a 65g sunfish tank that needs some stock remodeling. Four of my six longear sunfish are being used as punching bags, and I doubt that's good for their stress levels. For one thing, the smallest is underweight because he's always hiding and has a hard time getting at the food. 

Does anyone want some longears? I have one slightly over 3", two slightly under 3", and one that's only about 2". The largest one might be a female, and there's one that I think is a male. The other two I'm not certain about, they're too small. 


Benefits to getting longears from me instead of catching some: 

I've observed no signs of illness in these guys, and I've had them since February. Their warmouth tankmate had a couple of tiny leeches on him at one point soon after capture, but there aren't any more of them. 

They're eating any frozen food you could possibly offer. 

I've observed their home river for awhile, so I know what their gene pool look like. This one was caught in the same spot: Big%20bright%20lonear_zpsvvihavlh.png

And that's not just an outlier, that's typical of dominant males in this spot. Granted, my four subordinates aren't dominant males, but they do have the genetic potential. 


I'm looking for a decent home for these guys, so I don't want them going into a tank with something that'll eat them. 

I'm asking in a couple of other spots, too, but these are a bit harder to re-home than something like tetras. Anyone want these or know anyone who might? They're free to anyone who can give them a good home.

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#2 Betta132

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Posted 25 September 2015 - 01:53 PM

Evidently the big alpha only stays in his cave all day to defend it from the other sunnies, and he rather strongly objected to sharing his tank with nothing but another alpha. I now have three medium-sized sunnies and one 4" male to get rid of. 


He's kind of terrified in his picture because I'd just been chasing him with a net. Also, he kept trying to hide in the alpha's cave, so the alpha attacked him. When he hasn't been chased by another alpha all day, he's that nice orange/white mix all over, and his face markings are bright blue. This is what he looks like when he's terrified and slightly beat up.

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#3 Betta132

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Posted 26 September 2015 - 08:27 PM

Can't keep all of the sunfish in the same holding tank, so the big male is in a fish trap with the ends sewn shut. He's in the main tank being glared at by the big alpha. The other three are in a large bucket with an airstone. I don't have any good long-term holding tanks, so these guys have to go. Tomorrow, if no one wants them, I'm going to take them down to a local garden center that has a fairly large koi pond they keep their aquatic plants in. 

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