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How might one spawn/raise catalina gobies?

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#1 Joshaeus

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Posted 23 November 2016 - 08:37 PM

Something I have dreamed of for a long time (and will likely attempt one of these days) is trying to spawn and rear the magnificent catalina goby, Lythrypnus dalli. Any thoughts on how I could do this? Would simulating a winter encourage these fish to breed like it does some freshwater natives? Also, any readily available macroalgaes-seaweeds I could use for the tank, perhaps even ones I collect from tide pools? (I'm a sucker for planted tanks, even for saltwater). Here is what I found on fishbase (with my own comments in parenthesis);


"Found usually in open rocky areas but retreats to crevices or holes or hides among spines of sea urchins when threatened. Territorial. Sits on exposed rock surfaces near a hole or crevice....Female deposits oblong eggs in empty shells; male guards them (escargot shells may be wise with this species...this might look a lot like a tank for Tanganyika's cichlids, all things considered)....Oviparous, demersal spawner (Ref. 101194). Both male and female spawn with many individuals in small contiguous territories (Ref. 240). Males guard the eggs which are found attached to the walls of brood chamber (Ref. 56079). Simultaneous hermaphrodite with varying allocation of reproductive tissue to male and female function (Ref. 31569). Bi-directional sex change has been confirmed for this species (making a pair should be very easy if they have enough room)"


Anyhow, thankx in advance!

#2 Cu455

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Posted 26 November 2016 - 12:42 PM

They are found in kelp forests so kelp might be a good algae to use. I believe they need intense light. The Marine Breeding Initiative will he a good place to look. Catalina gobies have been breed before.

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