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Troutperch in stock, also...

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#1 itsme

  • NANFA Member

Posted 08 December 2016 - 10:23 AM

New Stock:


Troutperch, Percopsis omiscomaycus

Variegate Darter, Etheostoma variatum

Bluebreast Darter

Redfin Shiner

Bigeye Chub, Hybopsis amblops

Common Carp Mirror Scale 4-5”

Yellow Perch 2-5”

Smallmouth Bass 3”

Smallmouth Bass 6”

Largemouth Bass 2-3”

Seagreen Darter, Etheostoma thalassinum

Emerald Shiner

Greenfin Shiner, Cyprinella chloristia

Rosyside Dace, Clinostomus funduloides

Cambarellus schmitti, Fontal Dwarf Crayfish

Cambarellus diminutus, Least Crayfish

Red Shiner, Cyprinella lutrensis

Southern Redbelly Dace

Blacknose Dace

Blackbanded Sunfish, Enneacanthus chaetodon

Bluespotted Sunfish

Golden Redbreast Sunfish 1-2” $10.00

Orangespotted Sunfish 1” $16.00

Pumpkinseed 2-3”


Redspotted Sunfish 1”

Green Sunfish 1-3”

Dollar Sunfish Western 1”

Dollar Sunfish Eastern 1.5-3”

Bluegill 1-4

Hybrid Bluegill, Lepomis macrochirus x cyanellus

Redear Sunfish 3-4”

Leptolucania ommata

Zoogoneticus tequila

Xenotoca eiseni Rio Compostela

Xenotoca sp Etzatlan Ameca/Magdelena Basin 2014

Poecilopsis gracilus, Porthole Livebearer

Xiphophorus continens

Xiphophorus maculatus, Peppered Platy

Elassoma okefenokee

Elassoma zonatum

Elassoma evergladei

Wild Goldfish

Freshwater Tarpon, Megalops cyprinoides $30.00

Brown Bullhead 3-4”

Yellow Bullhead 3-6”

Yellow Bullhead 1.5”

Tadpole Madtom 1-2”

Margined Madtom 1-2

Speckled Madtom 2”


Fundulus lineolatus

Fundulus dispar


These are in addition to what is listed on our web site: http://jonahsaquariu...te/fishlist.htm

#2 centrarchid

  • NANFA Guest

Posted 29 December 2016 - 02:29 PM

Have you been breeding the troutperch?

Find ways for people not already interested in natives to value them.

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