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2016-2017 Regulations Summary

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What regulations apply to harvesting fish for home aquaria?
Rules and regulations for recreational take and possession apply. You cannot be in possession, nor may your aquarium contain more than these limits. Legal methods of collecting and license requirements also apply. You need a freshwater fishing license to take (defined as “taking, attempting to take, pursuing, hunting, molesting, capturing, or killing any freshwater fish, their nests or eggs, by any means, whether or not such actions result in obtaining possession of such freshwater fish or their nests or eggs”). Avoid taking Florida’s endangered species. A list of them can be found at MyFWC.com/WildlifeHabitats.


Common Name                   Scientific Name                                                                   Status

Atlantic sturgeon                   Acipenser oxyrinchus                                                           FE

Blackmouth shiner                Notropis melanostomus                                                        ST

Bluenose shiner                    Pteronotropis welaka                                                            ST

Crystal darter                        Crystallaria asprella                                                              ST

Gulf sturgeon                        Acipenser oxyrinchus [=oxyrhynchus] desotoi                      FT 1

Harlequin darter                    Etheostoma histrio                                                                SSC

Key silverside                        Menidia conchorum                                                               ST

Okaloosa darter                    Etheostoma okalossae                                                          FT

Saltmarsh topminnow            Fundulus jenkinsi                                                                  ST

Shortnose sturgeon               Acipenser brevirostrum                                                         FE 1

Smalltooth sawfish                Pristis pectinate                                                                     FE

Southern tessellated darter   Etheostoma olmstedi maculaticeps                                      ST




FWC = Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
FE = Federally-designated Endangered
FT = Federally-designated Threatened
FXN = Federally-designated Threatened Nonessential Experimental Population
FT(S/A) = Federally-designated Threatened species due to similarity of appearance
ST = State-designated Threatened
SSC = State Species of Special Concern
List Notations
1 A species for which the FWC does not have constitutional authority.
2 Monroe County population only.
3 Not documented in Florida.
4 Lower keys population only.




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