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Atypical fishermen count too

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Posted 13 September 2017 - 04:35 PM

Below is a post on Facebook from Steve Fraley, nongame fish biologist with the NC Wildlife Resources Commission, sent to the Microfishers group.  He's aiming at NC folks but it's pertinent to all states.  If interested, you can contact him at:  stephen.fraley@ncwildlife.org




Hi microfishers, Thanks for adding me to this group a few weeks ago. I'm a fisheries biologist with the NC Wildlife Commission and I'm on a mission to bring micro-, rough, and species-list fishing and snorkeling/fish watching to the consciousness of fisheries administrators and managers and to the general public. Why? Finally, there is a constituency that values non-game fishes other than conservationists, and that is of great importance to prioritizing decision making and funding allocation for conservation and management. Public resource agencies respond to groups of constituents. Presently, in NC, game fish anglers (primarily trout, bass, & catfish, in that order) drive most of the discretionary prioritization for funding, management, and outreach. Increased awareness of these growing, interesting, and just plain-old fun "sports" is bound to attract more participants and bring recognition and attention to the needs and wants of this growing constituency from public resource decision makers. I'm writing now to ask you for help in that effort. If any and all are interested in helping provide information, insight, feedback, as well as opportunities to be interviewed, photographed, videoed, etc. for outreach efforts such as magazine/web articles and presentations to educate administrators and the general public, please PM me here and let me know where you are, what you'd like to or be able to do to help, and an e-mail address or other preferred way to correspond besides FB, I would greatly appreciate it. I think there's an opportunity here to do something big for our little buddies out there that could use some love and attention to help conserve and improve their plight. I'm especially interested to hear from folks who live and/or do their fishy thing in NC, but need and welcome all willing responses. Please feel free to forward and redistribute this to whomever and wherever you think might help cast a wider net. Thanks much and I look forward to hearing from and following up with lots of folks! Best, Steve

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