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Orangespotted Sunfish hybrids?

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#1 juhason

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Posted 06 October 2017 - 11:38 AM

Can/do orangespotted sunfish every hybridize with other lepomis sunfish? I am asking because I have 2 pumpkinseeds in my aquarium that I recently caught and they kind of look different from each other. One has more distinct bars and has a lot more green coloration on its body while the other one has almost no visible bars and the speckles are more sparse. It's body also has a baby blue-ish color on its body similar to the orangespotted blue in breeding colors. I tried to google orangespotted hybrids but nothing came up. Does this every happen? 


I'll attach some pictures of them. I really have a hard time identifying hybrids! If you guys can't help me ID because they are already in my aquarium I understand. They are definitely pumpkinseeds so that's why I brought them home. But now that the colors are developing more as they settle in my tank, they have some distinct differences and I think one or both are hybrids.




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