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Redear Sunfish Aquarium

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#1 Crusty

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  • Kentucky

Posted 12 March 2018 - 09:12 PM

I wanted to ask your guys opinion on what size aquarium would be suitable for a group of redear. I was looking at the DAS aquarium line of tanks. Both tanks Im considering are 28 inches wide and 28 inches tall. The 240 gallon is 6 feet long and the 325 gallon is 8 feet long. How many redear do you think I could keep in each and still grow them to their full potential, which in Kentucky seems to be about 12-16?

#2 Michael Wolfe

Michael Wolfe
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  • North Georgia, Oconee River Drainage

Posted 12 March 2018 - 09:15 PM

its a sunfish, so the eventual answer is 1, right?  :biggrin:

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#3 gerald

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  • Wake Forest, North Carolina

Posted 13 March 2018 - 10:36 AM

Either that, or crowd them to the point where they no longer try to defend territories (with high-capacity filtration of course!)


its a sunfish, so the eventual answer is 1, right?  :biggrin:

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#4 Matt DeLaVega

Matt DeLaVega
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  • Ohio

Posted 13 March 2018 - 07:26 PM

It is not at all difficult to keep a pound of fish per ten gallons, double that or more is quite common in aquaculture. A tank with a higher surface area per gallon will perform better than the opposite. Centrarchid and AZ9 have much more experience aquaculturing Lepomis than I. I have concentrated on tilapia more in my aquaculture and aquaponic experiments. I have kept around 30 pounds of blue tilapia in a 240. Didn't really seem that crowded. 2x2x8 are the dimensions of that tank.

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#5 Crusty

  • NANFA Guest
  • Kentucky

Posted 13 March 2018 - 08:48 PM

Thanks for the help, I really had no idea you could keep that many fish in a tank that size. 

#6 littlen

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  • Washington, D.C.

Posted 14 March 2018 - 08:03 AM

If I were in your position, and had the option of getting either tank--the question I would ask is why wouldn't I get the larger tank?  Without getting into specific numbers, you can clearly keep more fish in a bigger tank.  But you can still have a very nice(ly stocked) tank with the 240 and you probably wouldn't feel disappointed in not going with the larger tank.  

Nick L.

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