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Looking for NANFA members in Southern Illinois

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#1 DaveW

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Posted 11 January 2020 - 02:08 PM

Hi, Having grown up in Carbondale and ended up in Idaho, I fairly often visit my brother in Carterville. Whenever I get back there I go dip-netting, especially in Union County, though of course anywhere in the area would be fine by me. I'll be back again soon, perhaps as soon as late March. I would like to hook up with some local NANFA types to get into the field with, as that would be great fun and I would undoubtedly increase my identification skills that way. (I'm a professional biologist, but somehow strayed over to birds...)


So if anyone in the area sees this, I'd love to make contact. I also have a couple specific projects in mind that might be of interest.


Dave Whitacre, Boise, Idaho

#2 swampfish

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Posted 18 January 2020 - 12:49 PM

I live in the Champaign, IL area in east central Illinois. My wife and I will likely be interested in doing some collecting with you in southern Illinois. I got my BS and MS in zoology at SIU-Carbondale concentrating in entomology. Carie worked on a masters degree at SIU in ornithology. She lived in Carterville for several years. 


Both of us collected and kept fish while we were in southern IL in the 1970's, and have done some collecting there since, but not for several years. Thus, most of our knowledge of where fish are located in the area is quite dated. We keep primarily minnows and killifish. 


Realize that Illinois DNR's interpretation of state fishing regulations only allows net collection of minnows (Cyprinidae).and hook and line collection of sport fish, primarily sunfish and bass. 


Phil Nixon


#3 JasonL

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  • Kentucky

Posted 22 January 2020 - 11:46 AM

i have explored much of Shawnee but not much of Union County as of yet.   Send me a PM when you are planning your trip.

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