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Minnow work

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#1 FishyJackson

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Posted 21 July 2020 - 10:22 AM

Did my annual 1 day trip to Western NY last weekend.  Stopped at that Cayuga Creek in Buffalo area then made my debut in the Allegheny Watershed.  Unfortunately it turned out that 2 days prior there was a tornado and a monsoon, so water levels were up and murky, especially in the Allegheny River which I didnt even bother to fish in.  Was supposed to be a Darter and Redhorse Sucker mission but ended up just catching a mess of Minnows mostly.  


Let me know if anyone disagrees with my ID's.  Uncertain on a few.  I'm in too much of a rush on these trips and I meant to count Anal fin rays for the blackline shiners, but of course I did not.  


Ischua Creek fish (Allegheny watershed): Amazing variety at this spot.  


1) Tonguetied Minnow 


Attached File  20200718_171939-1.jpg   89.08KB   1 downloads


Attached File  20200718_172029-1.jpg   160.8KB   1 downloads




2) Mottled Sculpin


Attached File  20200719_070026-1.jpg   67.92KB   1 downloads




3) Western Blacknose Dace


Attached File  20200719_080524-1.jpg   89.33KB   1 downloads




4) White Sucker- was hoping for big Redhorse Suckers, only got this


Attached File  20200719_080935-1.jpg   105.26KB   1 downloads




5) Allegheny Pearl Dace?


Attached File  20200718_172814_Moment(2)-1.jpg   49.91KB   1 downloads


Attached File  20200718_172814_Moment-1.jpg   72.47KB   1 downloads


Attached File  20200718_172814_Moment(4)-1.jpg   93.66KB   1 downloads




6) Allegheny Pearl Dace?  I think same species as #5


Attached File  20200719_090012-1.jpg   90.2KB   1 downloads




7) Rosyface Shiner?  I'm thinking the mouth looks a bit pointier than Emerald but not sure about this one.  


Attached File  20200718_173037-1.jpg   45.31KB   1 downloads


Attached File  20200718_173127-1.jpg   76KB   1 downloads




8 ) The age old debate, Sand or Mimic Shiner?  Really good picture of this, but confusion abounds.  I thought Sand Shiner because it appears only 7 anal fin rays and pointier snout, but one of the pics shows that maybe there are indeed 8 anal fin rays, and the mid dorsal stripe pretty nonexistant.  The 2nd pic makes me think there 8 anal fin rays is possible.  Not much of a mid dorsal strip


Attached File  20200718_172335_Moment-1.jpg   90.83KB   1 downloads


Attached File  20200718_172335_Moment(3)-1.jpg   67.29KB   1 downloads


Attached File  20200718_172335_Moment(2)-1.jpg   41.98KB   1 downloads




 Cayuga Creek fish- Creek near Buffalo.  Did extra driving so I could stop back at this spot first before the Allegheny debut, because there are millions of fish here and was easy to target Darters under rocks last year.  This time water was higher and flowing faster, was harder to go for Darters and the millions of Minnows make it disorienting. 



9) Dejavu.  Sand or Mimic.  One would think that I would have counted the anal fin rays on the spot, but was rushing too much.  Mid dorsal stripe not prominent at all


Attached File  20200718_150406-1.jpg   71.98KB   0 downloads


Attached File  20200718_150332_Moment-1.jpg   77.22KB   1 downloads


Attached File  20200718_150332_Moment(4)-1.jpg   55.94KB   1 downloads




10) Spottail Shiner- I have come to recognize this snout as that of a Spottail.  If that ain't Hudsonius...


Attached File  20200718_145820_Moment-1.jpg   63.19KB   1 downloads


Attached File  20200718_145820_Moment(2)-1.jpg   72.97KB   1 downloads




11) Bigmouth Shiner- This fish doesnt sound particularly common, but I can't see this as anything but a Bigmouth.


Attached File  20200718_150053_Moment-2.jpg   85.96KB   1 downloads


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#2 Matt DeLaVega

Matt DeLaVega
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Posted 21 July 2020 - 03:56 PM

Bigmouth shiner looks a bit like a silverjaw minnow with a big mouth.

The member formerly known as Skipjack

#3 JasonL

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Posted 21 July 2020 - 08:33 PM

Regarding sand vs mimic, if I were to catch those here in KY, I’d call them mimic.  Volucellus have more vertically elongate anterior lateral line scales than stramineus,  similar to your fish.  I don’t think the anal ray count is obvious on your pics, and that’s the other criteria I use.  The mid dorsal stripe is nice if you see it but is a less useful diagnostic criteria in my experience.


That said, there is obviously a lot of regional variation with mimics so NY may be different.  Plus these guys fool even the experts sometimes.

#4 FishyJackson

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Posted 22 July 2020 - 08:23 AM

thanks agreed Mimic on those.  Pissed at myself for not counting the rays, that's now 3 of these that are ID'd as Mimic yet all 3 appear to have 7 anal fin rays in pics.  Must just be hard to see the last ray in pics because everything else says Mimic.  


I feel good about all of these ID's, think everything is correct, but if anyone disagrees let me know.  Thanks 

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