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Outdoor moina culture regime...thoughts?

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#1 Joshaeus

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Posted 17 October 2020 - 10:52 AM

Hi everyone! I have come up with a possible outdoor culture regime for Moina for next summer...how does it sound?
- Two 5 gallon buckets, used outside during the warmer months (might not keep
the culture over the cooler months)
- Uses a lid with a hole with insect screen attached over it and a smaller hole
for the airline (1/2-1/4th of an air line). Will not use a heater.
- Use water dechlorinated with ClorAm-X and using the persian killifish salt mix.
- Set up culture with 16 liters water, .875 ml (5 * .175 ml, coming to .125 grams
per gallon) yeast, and 400 moina.
- Use floating plants to help control ammonia, but do not allow them to cover more
than 1/2 of the surface.
- Harvest culture 5-7 days later or when culture has roughly 15 moina/ml. Reset as above. If
culture clears before moina reach that level, feed again.

-2 watt air pump; .11
-About 9.05-13.58 ml yeast a month; .17-.26

TOTAL; .28-.37/month (coming to 79,000 moina/day)(84,760-64,142 moina per penny)


Thanks for your thoughts :)

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