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Clibanarius vittatus Not a fish I know.

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#1 MattMudCrab

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  • Ky

Posted 02 November 2020 - 09:07 PM

Ok I think its best to ask about these here considering you guys are the brackish and saltwater peeps. I have a 40 gallon with over a dozen small thinstripe hermit crabs. They are all in dime size shells when we got them in July. Now most are over a quarter size. I know that these are considered by everyone on the googlenet to be horrible inverts that will eat everything yada yada. I do know when dealing with crustaceans as some exceed the size of others predation can occur. And these will get large. I expect to have 3-4 big crabs one day. Here is my questions. I currently have them on crushed coral should I add sand to give them something to burrow themselves in while molting? I know that land hermits will bury themselves for protection as the new exoskeleton hardens. These were collected in 1.012 specific gravity but they are commonly found in full marine. Will they need to be full marine eventually? Currently the only thing else in the tank is my Chasmodes boscquianus and a school of grass shrimp. No casualties yet.

#2 MattMudCrab

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Posted 02 November 2020 - 09:09 PM

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#3 Chasmodes

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Posted 19 November 2020 - 11:09 PM

Cool hermits.  I used to keep them years ago and they lived a long time, model tank citizens.  I used only dolomite gravel in those days, and that worked out just fine.  I kept three of them together.  Your sand/gravel combo should work OK.  I think that they just wedge themselves into a crevice or tank corner, then hide in their shell to molt.  I don't recall seeing mine try to burrow.

Kevin Wilson

#4 MattMudCrab

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Posted 22 November 2020 - 10:12 PM

Thanks for the info. I went ahead and moved my Chasmodes, naked goby and clingfish in with them. It seems to be a good mix. Lot of grazing going on. All my rocks have a green cast but no visible algae beyond that. The grass shrimp graze the algae on the grass like herds of sideways cattle. Their activity level has reduced lately but I think its a combo of breeding season ended (lot of shell tapping was going on) and realizing the food is always coming.

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