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New Aquarium

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#1 Darter keeper

Darter keeper
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Posted 04 April 2021 - 02:57 AM

I was originally planning to grow out a young pair of Etheostoma tetrazonum in here but after searching most of the public access to creeks (also some creeks that I have private access to) in my local area I was finally able to find a species of darter, Honestly didn't think there were any in my part of the watershed as most of our creeks are deep, murky with no gravel bars & the ones that do have them are like a mix of dirt'n gravel with either silt or sand bottoms while all of the riffle rock is flat ((with the exception of the one creek I collected these guys from)) ( I'll take some pictures next time I'm at one of these creeks to give anyone curious a better idea) so anyways last October I ended taking home 2 young male orangethroat (plains variation) darters & 5 young females. Their current diet consist of fozen blood worms, mysis shrimp, & earthworms. (maybe scuds soon if I could ever remember to bring a aquarium net with me)

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