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Identification of Disease/Parasite Affecting My Slender Madtom

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Posted 25 September 2021 - 04:28 PM

Hello NANFA Forum Users…


I have a Slender Madtom that was doing fine. Quite recently, nearly all my bottom-feeding fish and other fish that spend their time at the bottom (darters, sculpin, etc) suddenly died in what I can only describe as a bloodbath.


It was truly saddening — though I cannot find any explanation for it. pH, Ammonia, Nitrites and Nitrates were all fine — all aquarium chemistry was okay. I had been performing normal water changes and had properly cycled the aquarium months ago.


This Madtom, my favorite fish of the tank, started to behave oddly. He became lethargic, didn’t seem to balance himself if touched and would seem to allow himself to kind of ‘float about’ for a second if you touch him with a net. He no longer feeds.


I began to observe him, and thought I saw a red worm attached at the dorsal fin, but I’m not seeing it anymore. I am, though, seeing these red lesions and altered mucous on his body.


What should I be treating? Help!



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