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Heteranthera dubia (Water Stargrass)

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#1 Chasmodes

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Posted 08 October 2021 - 02:52 PM

I collected some last year around this time.  Usually, in the fall, in the river, this stuff dies off around mid-November and causes annoying problems when fishing.  Last year, my tank temps dropped to 62 degrees in the winter downstairs in my house, above the mid-November temps that we see in mid-November, and these plants died out.  They did not return in the spring in my tank, as I had hoped.  During the summer, these plants are very green with yellow flowers.  I collected some last week and again the other day, trying to focus on collecting the greenest ones, thinking that maybe they'd survive in my tank over the winter.  However, after planting them in my tank, I see that they're not quite as green as I had hoped.  Has anyone been able to collect these plants later in the year and have them survive in their tank?


I also collected Potamogeton crispus (Curly Pondweed) and it was a little brown last week when I planted it, but looked really green when I collected it.  It has greened up and is growing.  Valisneria americana is in my tank too, and is growing like gangbusters on the non-current side of my tank.


Anyway, I don't mean to sound redundant, but has anyone been able to bring these types of plants back from their fall die off?



Kevin Wilson

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