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Lower tank water temps

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#1 PBK

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Posted 20 November 2021 - 11:13 AM

When water temps go up in summer try freezing a couple of water filled pop bottles and putting one in your tank. This will tide you over during hot spells for fish like darters and sculpins. Note that submerged power heads can warm tank water. I successfully kept darters in tanks with under-gravel filter & a hang-on-back filter that provides oxygenating water movement.
The water bottle trick works for keeping white worm boxes cool too. Just put bottles near the boxes.

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#2 Warbadger

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Posted Yesterday, 08:24 PM

Fans also work for this, especially for covered tanks.  I used a $14 adjustable speed USB fan meant for media cabinet cooling I found on amazon to cool down a 40G breeder tank this summer.  First I cut a section of sound dampening panel to slot the fan into securely, cut the edges of the panel further to fit it to the back of the aquarium lid over a vent hole cut into the plastic strip on the back of the glass lid, then cut a second vent hole on the opposite side.  This brought the temperature from 78 degrees to a stable 72 degrees on its lowest setting.


You'll lose more water from evaporation meaning larger topoffs, but not an excessive amount.

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