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Video-trawling Little Eastatoe River in Pickens, SC

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#1 WheelsOC

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Posted 14 July 2022 - 07:56 PM

Brought my camera-on-a-stick up to Long Shoals Roadside Park in Pickens, SC. It's a shallow, bedrock-bottomed section of the Little Eastatoe Creek which feeds into Lake Keowee, in the far north of the Seneca watershed (Fishmap 03060101) just a few minutes south of the SC/NC border.

Was expecting to find a lot of cyprinids and wasn't disappointed. I'll have to get some snorkeling gear soon.


Young Hypentelium nigricans? About 2 inches long, several of them in the same area, snoofing through the sand. It's hard to make out from the pictures but it has a sucker-style dorsal fin. They were so small I thought they must be darters until I saw that snout in the footage.




I'm gonna say Nocomis sp.:





Shiners of some sort! This pool was full of 'em. More of those prolific yellowfins I've seen virtually everywhere I look? Some other Notropis? Something else?




And down in the lower depths of the same pool, perhaps some Rhinichthys



#2 WheelsOC

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Posted 15 July 2022 - 04:27 PM

My upstream speeds put the brakes on posting videos, so I only have the first couple of dips uploaded so far. They're all in 1080p60fps so it's best to watch them in a separate window to pick out whatever fine details YouTube didn't erase.
On the plus side, you can slow the speed down by half to get a better look and still have a smooth video experience!

For the shiners:




For the potential dace: (best look starts around 1:20)



Best footage of the baby hogsucker and the chubs will be posted later.

#3 UncleWillie

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  • Georgia

Posted 18 July 2022 - 03:51 PM

You've got your species down!  The potential dace in the video (and in the last photo) are likely rosyface chubs.

Willie P

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