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Get Your Collecting Supplies for the North Carolina Convention

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#1 itsme

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Posted 23 May 2007 - 11:51 PM

I will be driving, yes driving! to the North Carolina NANFA Convention! I don't know why! :smile: But that means I can carry some merchandise from your favorite native fish shop, JonahsAquarium.com! So you can get what you need with No Shipping Charges! Yea! Selected items will be available for delivery to you at the convention. All orders must be received prior to June 3rd. Orders for dipnets must be received no later than Wednesday, May 30th. Otherwise I won't have time to put them together for you. So please check out the links below and get your order in ASAP. Here are the items I can bring if you order them now. I won't be bringing stocks of anything as I have in the past. Everything must be ordered in advance:

Books: http://jonahsaquarium.com/books.htm

Dipnets and Collecting Supplies: http://jonahsaquariu...ranscollect.htm

Items of special interest to Convention attendees:

North Carolina Atlas & Gazeteer, DeLorme $19.00
South Carolina Atlas & Gazeteer, DeLorme $19.00
Tennessee Atlas & Gazeteer, DeLorme $19.00

The DeLorme Atlases are invaluable resources for tracking down that hotspot for that rare beauty of a native fish you've been dreaming of. Don't leave home without one. They contain pages and pages of detailed backroad and backwater maps showing each brook and slough. Cross reference with the range maps in the books below to find that honey hole. Also the perfect companion to the DWQ Fish Data so graciously provided by your fellow NANFAns and hosts: http://forum.nanfa.o...?showtopic=1397 Thanks, Phil, for the translation!

The obvious choice:
Freshwater Fishes of the Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware by Fred C. Rhode, Rudolf G. Arndt, David G. Lindquist and James F. Parnell, 1994. This book contains information on how to identify some 260 species of freshwater fish, from the largemouth bass to the rosyside dace. Over 200 color photographs, range maps, and detailed description of each species. 222 pp. Paperback. Dimensions (in inches): 0.80 x 9.17 x 6.10. ISBN: 0-8078-4579-5 $22.50

Detailed dot range maps of all species including the North Carolina natives:
ATLAS OF NORTH AMERICAN FRESHWATER FISHES by D.S. Lee and Gilbert, Hocutt, Jenkins, and McAllister (1980) This is the massive review of the geographic distributions of all native and introduced freshwater fish occurring in the United States and Canada. Individual accounts with dot locality distribution maps provide a b/w illustration and information on the type locality, systematics, habitat, size and biology of all 775 species recognized at the time of publication. An indispensable reference volume for the libraries of those with an interest in native North American freshwater fish. Over 750 b/w illustrations, 775 maps, bibliographies, Softcover (with three-ring binder holes) 867 pages. $45.00

This is a required reference for anyone who chases fish. A classic:
Peterson's Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes, North America North of Mexico by LM Page and BM Burr, Houghton Mifflin publisher, latest printing (2001), soft cover, 432 pages, color illustrations and line drawings, range maps, graphical and text cues to species identification, This is the native fish enthusiast's fish ID Bible. The most usable guide to freshwater fishes of the entire US. Use the Atlantic and Pacific Coast Field Guides for the coastal killifishes and brachish and marine species. ISBN 0-395-91091-9, New $17.00

For the coastal critters:
Peterson's Field Guide to Atlantic Coast Fishes (North America), by C. Richard Robins and G. Carleton Ray, illustrations by John Douglass and Rudolf Freund, Houghton Mifflin publisher, soft cover, 354 pages, color illustrations and line drawings, graphical and text cues to species identification, Covers jawless fishes, cartilaginous fishes and bony fishes including estuarine and brachish water fishes. Includes the coastal marine and brachish killifishes that are not covered in the freshwater field guide. Indispensible to the collector. Over 60 illustrated plates. ISBN 0-395-39198-9. new condition, list price $17.95, our price $12.00

See all the Books here: http://jonahsaquarium.com/books.htm

Dipnets and Collecting Supplies: http://jonahsaquariu...ranscollect.htm

See you in North Carolina!

Fish on, Dudes!


#2 Drew

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Posted 24 May 2007 - 10:11 AM

NOW you say so! Thanks for the dipnet anyhow :razz:
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#3 itsme

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Posted 24 May 2007 - 10:21 AM

NOW you say so! Thanks for the dipnet anyhow :razz:

Sorry! :) It took a while to get clearance from the spousal unit due to our new "situation" :)