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Future Fishes of Ohio...

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#21 Guest_smbass_*

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Posted 07 April 2008 - 01:30 PM

Well we had some technical difficulties with the GIS program working on the computer here but it is working again and I'm back at this so I thought I would remind any of you I sent files to about them. Once again there is no deadline on this and I did receive back a very nicely completed file from Newt for the introduced Goldfish and I put that into the program today. This is missing some additional info from the OEPA but it at least let you guys get the idea of what your helping with. I figured there was no harm done in showing anyone who wants to know where all the goldfish are in Ohio so they can go collect and kill as many as possible...


#22 Guest_andyavram_*

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Posted 07 April 2008 - 01:44 PM

If only that map were true. I have seen them in quite a few more counties, inculding Lake (in the same stream where I also saw a few Killifish or Guppies or something similiar about 2 years ago but couldn't catch) and Cuyahoga.


#23 Guest_smbass_*

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Posted 07 April 2008 - 02:01 PM

These are only the verified vouchered records, I'm sure when I add in the OEPA data a lot more locations will be added. I would also take personal records if others have them and can back it up with a good picture and some good location data.

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