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Happy 200th Birthday Charles Darwin

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#21 Guest_scott361_*

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Posted 10 February 2009 - 09:02 PM

Considering that the first showing is coming on in about five minutes, it might be a little late to mention it.
But, the National Geographic Channel is showing 'Darwin's Secret Notebooks' tonight.
It looks to be very interesting and will be repeated later on Friday and next Tuesday.
"Monster Fish of the Congo' will be following it, so my evening is filled up.

I guess it's coming on right now! ;~)


#22 Guest_JohnO_*

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Posted 02 March 2009 - 12:14 PM

Often overlooked is the fact that much of Darwin's conclusions were based on the research of Sir Charles Lyell, with whom Darwin corresponded with extensively.

It was Lyell who first theorized that the earth could be billions of years old, and first theorized that the rate of change in living creatures was very slow. This provided a time frame from which the evolutionary process could be explained. Up until Lyell, the earth was presumed to be much younger, with a literal interpretation of the Old Testament putting it at 4004 BC.

As a darter lover, I can fully appreciate adaptability. Otherwise, I wouldn't have all these neat variations to go looking for.

Personal opinion, hope this isn't out of line - I don't see religion and evolution as mutually exclusive. Evolution explains what happened. Religion addresses why it happened.

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