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Alaska Blackfish anyone?

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#1 Guest_SlimSanta_*

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Posted 29 April 2009 - 09:48 PM

Has anyone had any experiences regarding Alaskan Blackfish, captive or otherwise that they would like to share? I think It would be intresting to know more about the Mud Minnows bigger cousin.

#2 Guest_choupique_*

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Posted 30 April 2009 - 10:12 AM

I wish. Really neat looking fish and mudminnows are great.

I heard or read somewhere years ago that they don't take warm water well. If you can keep trout alive well, then it might work.

#3 Guest_EdBihary_*

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Posted 30 April 2009 - 12:18 PM

The problem is, where to get Alaska Blackfish? If you find out, let me know, I want some too!

#4 Guest_tglassburner_*

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Posted 30 April 2009 - 12:53 PM

I want some too!

Me too!

#5 Guest_choupique_*

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Posted 30 April 2009 - 02:31 PM

That is just it, I don't think it is possible to get them. Not sure about Alaska law on catching them etc. but I think there are issues with transporting them to the lower 48. I have heard that atleast.

Would seem like it should not be a problem, this fish is very common and uses as a trash fish there. But who knows for sure?

I always wonder, since I would guess they can handle warmer water than reported. Just like Umbra are said to be cool water fish, probably judging on their range stopping just under the fall line ( centrals that is, U. limi) but they handle high heat just fine. Probably not 90 degree water for long periods of time, but bath warm water for days in drying puddles. The thing that does them is baking dry in the sun, or predators picking them up out of the drying mud.

#6 Guest_SlimSanta_*

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Posted 06 May 2009 - 06:36 PM

Natural History article:

There's not many photos of this fish on the web :blink:

#7 Guest_FishofSchool_*

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Posted 16 January 2011 - 10:38 AM

Alaska requires a fish resource permit (FRP) and also aquaria permit to legally collect, transport, and keep Alaska blackfish. (Our laws are strict to protect wild salmon stock.) Here is the link to Alaska Department of Fish and Game fish permit applications:


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