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feeding longnose gar

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Posted 18 August 2009 - 02:02 PM

i just bought a 6" longnose gar which is also in a 10 gallon tank(moving it to a 75 gallon when the gar is big enough)...what is the best food to start off with?...my alligator gar(thats what the people at the pet shop said it was which i doubt..it sorta looks like a shortnose/spotted gar),which i've had for 20 years and is about 12-13" long ate the floating food sticks for cichlids for 15 of those years..and after i introduced "tuffy" minnows to him,he wont touch the food sticks(!?!)..i guess i need to take a pic of him so you guys can identify which one he is

i'm new to the board...sorry for the rambling....i really need to know what to start feeding the longnose,though


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