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I spotted my first non-fish underwater creature and was surprised

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Posted 01 November 2011 - 11:24 AM

I'm going to have to put my 2 cents in since I've been running into a lot of amphibians lately and I've had to learn what they are. I come across a lot of Eurycea bislineata(Northern Red Lined Salamander) in the stream I sample during lunch. The adults I find either next to the water under rocks and sometimes in the water along the edge of the stream. I find juveniles in the water a lot as well, they are quick little guys but I've caught and released a few of them. I caught a Pseudotriton r. ruber(Northern Red Salamander) during the summer in a mountain stream under a rock while looking for crayfish. I actually thought it was a newt at first since I had caught it in the water. It was a pretty large salamander probably close to 6 inches and pretty thick bodied. Earlier this fall I finally caught a newt in a puddle in the same area as the mountain stream it was a Notophthalmus v. viridescens (Red Spotted Newt)I brought it home and put it in my 10 gallon tank since there was nothing in there big enough to eat it and since I keep young crayfish in it it's also as close to escape proof(I thought)as I could make it. It was a cute little thing very active moving around the tank. Then 4 days later it found a way out that even my escape artists crayfish haven't found. I'm going to find another one next year and this time either make the tank even more escape proof or put it in it's own tank and make it escape proof.

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