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No more collecting allowed in North Dakota :(

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#1 Guest_jefferzbooboo_*

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Posted 31 July 2012 - 01:05 PM

A new rule went into effect this year, no live fish may be transported away from a body of water. I contacted my local Game and Fish director and asked if there was permits to collect, and he didn't know and directed me to the Bismarck office to ask.
Here's what it says in the proclamation:

Transportation of any live fish, live fish eggs, live
amphibians or other live aquatic organisms is illegal
except for:
• Anglers transporting legal live baitfish and bait (see
page 18).
• Dealers and buyers of tropical fish species for the pet
trade sold at commercial outlets.
• Individuals in possession of the appropriate license
or permit from the Game and Fish director.

#2 Guest_Subrosa_*

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Posted 31 July 2012 - 04:33 PM

There are 49 more to choose from!

#3 Guest_jefferzbooboo_*

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Posted 20 August 2012 - 10:06 PM

But when you live next to the Canadian border and in the middle of the state it's a long ways to go collecting.

#4 Guest_jblaylock_*

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Posted 29 August 2012 - 01:40 PM

What is defined as 'bait' If it is legal for a fisherman to remove live bait....well, what if that's what you are doing. Collecting live bait, as a fisherman, that you may keep for a period of time at home in a container of your choice.

#5 Michael Wolfe

Michael Wolfe
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  • North Georgia, Oconee River Drainage

Posted 29 August 2012 - 05:58 PM

If I read all of this and pull from it you have no problem keeping many sunfish that you catch in the state and a few minnows that you catch in the state... but you cant bring anything into the state... I don't see anything about a seine, one way or the other... but there is clear indications for using a dip net and minnow traps... and there is no talk about darters at all... So there are some difficulties here for sure, but still plenty of interesting, legal native fish to enjoy.


(cut from the above)

Storage limit at one’s personal permanent residence is unlimited; however, at no time may a person transport more than a possession limit.

Game fish are bluegill, burbot, channel catfish, chinook salmon, crappie (black and white), largemouth bass, muskellunge (pure and hybrid), northern pike, paddlefish, sauger, saugeye, smallmouth bass, sturgeon (pallid, shovelnose and lake), trout (brown, lake, rainbow and cutthroat), walleye, white bass, yellow perch and zander.

Nongame fish are all species that inhabit and reproduce in the state’s waters that are not listed as game fish.

Statewide Daily and Possession Limits
Nongame Fish (other than legal live baitfish) no limit
Legal Live Baitfish 150

• Legal live baitfish – Subject to “use restrictions” listed on pages 19 and 20, fathead minnows, creek chubs, sticklebacks and white sucker (Red and Bois de Sioux rivers only) are the only legal live baitfish allowed.

All legal live aquatic organisms used by anglers, including baitfi sh (e.g. fathead minnows), amphibians (e.g. salamanders and frogs), invertebrates (e.g. crayfi sh and leeches) and insects must have been purchased or trapped in North Dakota. No live aquatic organisms may be imported into the state by anglers.

• Each licensed angler may use no more than one minnow trap and/or one dip net for taking smelt or legal live bait. The trap may not exceed 12 inches in diameter and 30 inches in length with a throat opening not to exceed 1 1/4 inches. Dip nets may not exceed 24 inches in diameter or 36 inches in depth.

Legal live bait and legal live baitfish may be taken in all public waters of the state and at all times except for the following:
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#6 Guest_haruspicator_*

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Posted 05 September 2012 - 04:19 PM

You can get an importation permit for ND (Form #: SFN 6065a) for bringing in out of state wild-caught fish. I think that is designed for commercial vendors of game fish, but not sure. It is pretty fuzzy. I think collecting domestic fish falls under bait and game fish regs, right now I keep a few fathead minnows I collected from Lake Sakakawea from my fishing license.

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