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#41 Auban

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Posted 06 July 2018 - 12:04 AM

The 4th was pretty awesome. Good music, good family, good times.

I just got done unloading our ISU that had our personal stuff in it, so i now have my most recent batch of triops eggs to work with. Im not sure when or why i started keeping only the eggs from my most recent hatches, but i have been doing it for years now and these guys will now hatch in liquid rock.

I plan on draining my daughters triops tank, letting the substrate dry a bit to kill off most of what is currently growing, and then adding old tank water to the it and hatching some out.

Ill probably get started on that tomorrow. I dont really know what killed the last batch, but after thinking about it, i dont have the patience to try and find out.

Ill most likely be away from home again in a matter of weeks, and won't have much time home after that until after my next deployment.

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