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Is this a good setup for trout?

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#1 Guest_catfish_hunter_*

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Posted 21 May 2007 - 05:52 PM

I was browsing for 'trout in home aquaria' on Google when I came across this. Sounds like a somewhat satisfactory setup at the least. Also, aren't brown trout invasives from Europe? I saw an aggressive 8 inch brown chase a pair of steelhead off a redd. It then proceeded to eat all the eggs. Anyways:

" I have been keeping trout for 4 months now. I have one rainbow which is 5 inches long, and two browns which are about 4 inches. They live in a 30 gallon tank with two bubble walls and a small current. I have no cooler and my fish seem to be fine. I keep the window open at night so the temperature cools down and stays somewhat cooler during the day. I change the water 10% every week, adding de-chlor, and ick treatment so the fish dont get sick due to any temperature problems. The trout live with a small plecostamus, and dont seem to bother him. The rainbow is much more aggresive than the browns and eats two large meal worms a day. I cut the worms in half and feed him a half at a time. one worm in the moring and one worm at night. The browns eat small pieces of cheese. I give my rainbow an occasional housefly or grub from my yard. He eats spiders and "roley poleys". The browns arent very aggresive as though they try to jump out of my tank in the evenings. i belive this may be instinctive. I keep the water a little low so i can watch the fish leave and come back into the water during the evenings. The rainbow is a very beautiful fish with a very aggresive personality. he sees everything which goes into the tank and is very territorial. i have several peices of driftwood and four plastic plants. i collected lava rocks and some flagstone which makes nice caves. my tank has a very high amount of oxygen in the water. i caught these trout in my creek next to my house and hope to see them live for many more years. "

#2 Guest_Brooklamprey_*

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Posted 21 May 2007 - 06:18 PM

The advice above is a great way to kill them......

#3 Guest_catfish_hunter_*

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Posted 21 May 2007 - 06:26 PM

I got suspicous when she/he stated that they were fed cheese and lived with a pleco. A normal pleco can take that sort of tempature MAYBE (Some common plecos live in highland streams in the wild), but it is probably taxing on the trout. My younger brother, when he was three, 'fed' my 10 gallon with cheese and soap and killed almost everything in it except a stubborn corydas school and the mollies, as well as a crab.

I went to another site, a blog by a guy named Trotter. He caught a rainbow trout and this was his first post on the subject:

"It's been a fun and interesting day! Adam and I went fishing at Beehive this morning and caught trout! Actually, we caught trout by fishing poles and I caught two with my bare hands (of course I let those caught with my bare hands go). It turns out that today was the day that 6,500 additional fish were added to the lake population. I found that the trout tend to act very stupid for awhile when first transfered to the lake. All I had to do was reach in the lake VERY slowly and pick them up. That was fun but I let them go. Between the two of us we caught five fish (fishing poles of course). Upon arriving at home I didn't feel much like cleaning fish and we had one that was still very much alive. It turns out that I now have a new pet in my fish pond!"

The next post made me laugh and consider a way to make my feral pond goldfish insane, but it has a sad ending:

"Well, the new pet trout wore out his welcome. It turns out that he was a pond bully! All of my goldfish started hanging out at the sunny end of the pond just to stay clear of the terrorist! Every once in a while the trout would come out of the shadows like Mr. Jaws and the next thing you would see would be goldfish almost flying across the surface of the pond! I watched this one time too many and decided it was time for the pet trout to go.

That evening I got out the Power Bait and fishing pole. As soon as the bait hit the water the trout was on it in a flash. The only problem was that he was able to get the Power Bait and leave the hook. He became pretty darned smart after that attempt. Wouldn’t take another bite at anything!!

The next morning, not being one to give up, I used the Power Bait routine once again. Smart fish…he ignored it for the longest time. I finally decided to leave the pole and check on it every so often during the morning. My patience paid off! After about 1 ˝ to 2 hours I finally had him hooked. I promptly put him to use fertilizing my tomato garden!

I’ll remember him this summer when I eat that first fresh tomato! I’ll also remember NO more trout in the pond!"

#4 Guest_killier_*

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Posted 22 May 2007 - 06:27 AM

in ponds yeah they do okish in my old goldfish pond I used to put all sorts of things in (i was only 6 and the pond is huge 20x7x4) when I got a small brookie from a fishfishing trip with my uncle and I put it in there with a bunch of redhorses and river chub for the next 4-5 years there was a shear lack of baby goldfish

#5 Guest_catfish_hunter_*

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Posted 22 May 2007 - 06:15 PM

Would a rainbow trout or other kind of trout do well in a 600 gallon stock tank/swimming pool thing witch I own? Currently there is two yellow bullheads and a largemouth bass. It has a lot of surface area, some stumps and rocks and gravel, and I'm soon adding live plants. I've caught largemouths and smallmouths and rainbows off a dock on Hayden Lake called Sportsman's Launch. Even got a nice tiger muskie there icefishing in 2006 :cool: (The secret? Silversides :wink: ) . Sometimes, in summer or late spring, you'll be pulling in a small bass, trout, perch, or a pumpkinseed sunfish, when suddenly you see a silver flash as a northern pike wolfs your prize down. Sometimes you get lucky and hook the would-be prize stealer or you can toss a sunfish or perch imitation swimbait out and get them. One time, I was pulling in a rainbow, when I landed it, I had half a fish :cry: . The bass is a wuss, tried chasing the bullheads away until the one my brother caught started bullying him away.

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