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Fish Groups

Discuss specifics about fish groups within these sub-forums


Ancient Fishes

Discuss: Lampreys, Sturgeons, Paddlefishes, Gars, Bowfins and Mooneyes captive care and general information

  • 133 topics
  • 1,236 replies
Least Brook Lamprey - last post by Matt DeLaVega


Soft barbles and hard spines, discuss our scaleless fish here

  • 238 topics
  • 1,635 replies
were to find madtoms in Ken... - last post by ShadetreeIchthyologist

Minnows and Suckers

Discuss captive care and general information of Cypriniformes

  • 482 topics
  • 4,515 replies
A picture of my pteronotrop... - last post by Chasmodes

Pikes & Mudminnows

Discuss captive care and general information of all Esox and Umbra species

  • 192 topics
  • 1,764 replies
Mudminnows in a container pond - last post by 410 John

Killifishes, Livebearers and Pupfishes

Small but beautiful, discuss captive care and general information for all Cyprinodontiformes here

  • 339 topics
  • 2,673 replies
Sailfin Mollies - last post by Veritas1980

Sunfishes and Basses

Discuss captive care and general information here

  • 950 topics
  • 8,540 replies
Enneacanthus questions - last post by jetajockey

Pygmy Sunfishes

Our native wonder, discuss captive care and general information for Elassoma species here

  • 131 topics
  • 2,653 replies
Transporting Wild Caught El... - last post by El Todd

Darters and Perches

Small and colorful, discuss Darters, Walleyes and Perches here

  • 419 topics
  • 3,610 replies
Could use some help IDing - last post by probsjustin

Salt and Brackish Water Fishes

  • 44 topics
  • 737 replies
My First Brackish Aquarium - last post by Chasmodes

All Others

Discuss: Eels, Herrings and Shads, Smelts, Salmonids, Trout-Perches, Pirate Perches, Cavefishes, Mullets, Silversides, Sticklebacks, Sculpins, Temperate Basses and Drums

  • 245 topics
  • 2,321 replies
Great Lakes Salmonidae - St... - last post by ShadetreeIchthyologist