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Seeking photos of freshwater fishes for nationally-distributed book

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#1 utzryan

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Posted 11 August 2021 - 09:37 AM

Hi everyone,


I'm writing a book that will be titled "A Field Guide to Rivers and Streams: Understanding Flowing Waters and Aquatic Life" that will be distributed by Falcon Guides nationally. The book will include a chapter on fishes with a dichotomous key and pictures of about 220 fishes with important diagnostic traits highlighted.


A few NANFA members and some other folk have already provided ~160 great shots. But I'm still short of about 66 species I'd like to profile in the book. Most of the fishes are western or plains but a few eastern species are also missing from my photo library. I'm hoping for sleek lateral shots with fins in full display but at this point I'll consider any type of quality shot. The species I am seeking are listed below.


If you or someone you know might be game to contribute, artistic credits will be listed and use is non-exclusionary. Please feel free to contact me at rutz@chatham.edu if you have any interest or inquiries.


Acipenser       transmontanus
Alosa   chrysochloris
Ammocrypta      clara
Ammocrypta      pellucida
Archoplites     interruptus
Carpiodes       carpio
Carpiodes       velifer
Catostomus      catostomus
Catostomus      columbianus
Catostomus      discobolus
Catostomus      latipinnis
Catostomus      macrocheilus
Catostomus      platyrhynchus
Cottus  asper
Cottus  cognatus
Cottus  gulosus
Cottus  rhotheus
Etheostoma      gracile
Etheostoma      histrio
Etheostoma      microperca
Etheostoma      olmstedi
Fundulus        kansae
Gasterosteus    aculeatus
Gila    atraria
Gila    robusta
Hybognathus     hankinsoni
Hybognathus     nuchalis
Hybognathus     placitus
Ichthyomyzon    fossor
Ictiobus        cyprinellus
Ictiobus        niger
Lampetra        appendix
Lampetra        tridentatus
Macrhybopsis    storeriana
Menidia extensa
Micropterus     punctulatus
Moxostoma       valenciennesi
Nocomis biguttatus
Notropis        blennius
Notropis        heterolepis
Notropis        percobromus
Noturus exilis
Novumbra        hubbsi
Oncorhynchus    clarkii
Oncorhynchus    gorbuscha
Oncorhynchus    keta
Oncorhynchus    kisutch
Oncorhynchus    nerka
Oncorhynchus    tshawytscha
Percina copelandi
Percina macrolepida
Percina maculata
Percina peltata
Percina phoxocephala
Percina sciera
Percina shumardi
Percina vigil
Percopsis       transmontana
Poeciliopsis    occidentalis
Prosopium       williamsoni
Pungitius       pungitius
Rhinichthys     osculus
Salmo   salar
Salvelinus      confluentus
Semotilus       corporalis

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