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75 Gallon Native Tank

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#1 ColbyTucker

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Posted 22 July 2022 - 08:15 AM

I am acquiring a 75 Gallon Aqueon Standard Tank during their 50% off sale, and I am trying to figure some things out. I plan on making it a native tank, not just NC natives, but generally east coast natives. I dont plan on having what could be considered a lot of fishes, I only plan on having 3-5 max. My idea is to have every fish be a different species. The species im interested in include: Grass/Redfin pickerel, Warmouth, Rock Bass, Shadow Bass, Black Crappie,  and Possibly a Coosa Bass (heard they are quite small and could be suitable for a 75). Going for the "predatory" type of tank.


I also plan on having 1 or multiple smaller 10-20 gallon tanks to breed feeder fish such as guppies, or convict ciclids, because I read on another forum they breed like mad, are very easy to care for, and that makes them seem to me to be a cheap and easy food source for when these fishes get big enough to eat them.


Here are my questions:

Are these fish compatible in the same tank?

Would they all be able to live in this size tank together (I will not be upsizing)?

Where can I buy/catch these fish?

Would an "Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO 75 Aquarium Power Filter" work for this setup?

I know I need plants and other structures for these fish, what kind and how many?

Cleaning/Maintenance Recommendations?



Im sure there are a few more I cant think of at the moment, but these are the main ones. Thanks for your help!

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