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Melanistic question

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#1 mikez

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Posted 30 April 2024 - 09:21 AM

I'm wondering if anyone has experience trying to get melanistic fish to breed true or if anyone has insight into the phenomenon of melanism in general.

I recently obtained a beautiful female melanistic golden topminnow. I have ordered some males from two different sources. One claims the males will be melanistic, the other will be normal.

My question is, has anyone bred these with the goal of maintaining the melanistic gene? Is it as simple as matching male and female melanistic?

I have read environmental stimulus can affect melanism, particularly low temperatures. Has anyone observed this?

One other thing I am curious about; I daw some absolutely spectacular melanistic sailfin mollies while collecting. Unfortunately I was unable to obtain any of the melanistic ones. I did collect several normal females and a couple normal males. Is there any hope at all that these normal colored ones will throw up melanistic babies?

Any other general observations or ideas regarding melanistic fish would be appreciated.
Mike Zaborowski
I don't know, maybe it was the roses.

#2 Michael Wolfe

Michael Wolfe
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Posted 01 May 2024 - 07:57 PM

I had a great looking melanistic golden topminnow years ago and I got some melanistic females, but I was unable to get any successful breeding going.  I hope you can do better, it is one of my favorite looks.

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