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Water Resources Development Act Passes

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#1 Guest_teleost_*

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Posted 08 November 2007 - 07:39 PM

Well, the Water Resources Development Act passed today with a veto override. I've heard bits and pieces about everglades restoration, gulf projects, Detroit sewer projects among other projects. I wonder if anyone has followed this and can shed some light as to how this massive bill will effect our native fishes and waters.

#2 Guest_ashtonmj_*

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Posted 08 November 2007 - 08:09 PM

It's not really a funding bill, it is a bill to authorize projects that is SUPPOSED to be done every two years. It's got bits and pieces that are good. It also primarily authorizes the Army Corps to go ahead with water projects, i.e. more dams and locks. It should address some of the backlog in reparis and upgrades too. All depends on where you are at really. Coastal wetland restoration is great, the continued operation of our big rivers for navigation and creation of new impoundments is terrible for native fish.

#3 Guest_mikez_*

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Posted 08 November 2007 - 08:54 PM

It seems pretty complex with many facets.
Improvements to the wastewater infrastucture should benifit native fish with improved water quality. Many wastewater plants in this country still discharge directly into rivers. Although they face stringent controls from EPA and state agencies, many older plants are vulnerable to being overloaded during rain events. Serious flooding is obviously even worse. Raw untreated sewage gets into the environment alot more often than you think because old, compromised and overburdened treatment plants can't handle the extra flow.

As mentioned above, flood control projects, while obviously benificial to humans, are not always great for fish and other aquatic critters. I guess maybe some of the large water storage lagoons may benifit fish that favor low flow or no flow habitat. I don't really know much about stuff like that but my gut instinct is it's not good for fish in general.

Some of the other stuff buried in the bill might not be great for the environment. I read somewhere awhile back that some of the projects involve beach sand replenishment for affluent urban coastal communities. Personally, and this my OPINION, I'd rather see nature reclaim those coastlines. I think the mansions, boardwalks, bath houses and arcades would make great artificial reefs once they tumble into the sea. ;)

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