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6700K vs 10000K power compacts

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Posted 15 March 2008 - 12:59 PM

I'm a noob and this is my first post, but I thought I could help out here a bit.

I have a 55g with the 260w Aqualight (Coralife) with 4x65w 6700K bulbs. Had it on the tank 2 years now and just now needing to replace the bulbs(burnout)...there was marked difference between the new and old bulbs, but my plants never seemed to care that the light output had diminished. At any rate, I tried using CO2 supplementation via homemade mix, but did not find the results nearly as impressive as using montmorillonite (bentonite) clay as a carbon source. I add 1 tsp to the tank after each water change (weekly) and have also started packing some near the roots of some of my more finicky plants (aponogetons, some of my crypts). The plants absolutely explode. I also add a bit of Flourish or Kent Trace Elements on occasion if I remember. I think the clay is a little-known but highly effective (especially for the price) method of carbon and calcium supplementation. The only thing to watch for is a change in pH..I haven't seen any in my tank but I suppose it's possible. Definitely increases KH. Some of my fish even like to munch/suck on the clay.
I also have a 1g that I keep as a "grow-out" tank for any small pieces of plant that get broken off and sucked onto the filter intake of the 55g. It only has an incandescent 25w on it, but with the clay the plants grow at about the same rate as the larger tank (does get indirect light from my salt tank, 96w). I'm usually able to grow them long enough to plant in the large tank within a month or so.
I don't have many high-light plants right now, but the output is more than enough for my Hygros, Crypts, Aponogetons, Cabomba, Blyxa, Java Fern (under the shadow of the Hygro), Didiplis, Crinium, and java moss. The Aponogetons and Blyxa are flowering weekly with the clay - had previously been yellowing out and losing leaves...(not due to light because I just bought the new bulbs yesterday.)
Hope that helps some.

#22 Guest_viridari_*

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Posted 16 March 2008 - 08:34 AM

Just an update... algae with these power compacts is through the roof. Water gets like pea soup fast if something happens like, say, the threads stripping on your Python thus causing a missed water change.

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