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2010 convention in Ash Meadows, NV

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#1 AussiePeter

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Posted 05 January 2010 - 12:22 AM

G'day folks

The initial details for the next convention to Ash Meadows Nevada are now posted online. The meeting will be held Oct 14-19, 2010.


If you have any questions about anything just let me know. As more information becomes available from time to time I will update the page. I hope to see some of you there, it will be a great time for those who can make it!

Peter Unmack

#2 AussiePeter

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Posted 11 January 2010 - 02:09 PM

G'day Folks

I managed to confirm another speaker, David Ward who works for Arizona Game and Fish in the Bubbling Springs Research facility. He does a bunch of work breeding some of their native fishes, mostly loach minnow, spikedace and roundtail chub.

If anyone has any speaker requests feel free to suggest them to me. Better do it sooner than later though as the schedule is filling up!


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#3 FourSeineFeet

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Posted 14 January 2010 - 08:49 PM

I hear there are lots of scorpions, but you just don't notice them.

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#4 Casper

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Posted 29 October 2010 - 11:04 AM

I have to laugh at Phil's previous post because we saw all of that too.

A NANFA Convention 2010 Thank You

It was another amazing convention, probably the most adventurous and unique NANFA experience i have yet to participate in. I want to immediately state that Peter was an excellent host and did a great job of organizing the event and keeping us on schedule. I will always be grateful to him for the wonderful experience he offered and provided.

Though there were some doubts among the BoD and membership early on, we had a wonderful time and the gathering was financially successful and will provide funds for NANFA's future activities and endeavors. Even though i personally was unsupportive of an auction and raffle, they both garnered additional funds for NANFA and provided members with excellent opportunities to win or bid high on books, prints, equipment and all kinds of goodies. I ended up with several images, t-shirts, a buxom mermaid, another nifty hand carved Hogsucker lure from Leo along with a box full of fish food for the cement pond. I think the auction brought in about $1500 and the raffle about $350. On-site hat and t-shirt sales were a little over $400, and that figure is not counting those sold prior to the convention.

Originally i thought if about 25 folks registered that would be a acceptable number and in the end nearly 40 were registered including spouses, and counting the speakers and volunteers we had over 45 in attendance at times. Also pleasing was how many folks participated in the extended adventures where we snorkeled other desert springs and streams and visited amazing sites such as the Valley of Fire. During some drives our caravans were of over 10 vehicles, but never did it feel crowded or unwieldy in the vastness of the Nevadan desert.

NANFA owes a hearty thank you to Bob Wright for his efforts in acquiring the many donations for our auction, as well as to Phil Nixon, who once again stepped up as NANFA's resident auctioneer. We also owe a big thank you to Scott Schlueter for his work in organizing, at a very short notice, a raffle, and he did a fine job of doing so and promoting it throughout the event. In fact, about 2/3rds of the raffle tickets were purchased by attendees there.

And again, and with much appreciation, Peter Unmack for organizing another successful NANFA convention. His efforts, the dedication of much personal time, his desert knowledge and unique social skills garnered much value for all of us. He was attentive to everyone's needs, concerns, keeping us active, on schedule and providing a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the desert springs of Nevada and the desert's many wonders. His professional relationships to those individuals in the region also provided the usage of the Ash Meadow and the Death Valley facilities at no cost to NANFA, a wonderful value, and to also note the informative and entertaining speakers that Peter knew and called upon to share their knowledge.

Well done and a big thank you to Peter!

In great appreciation,

We also need to acknowledge and thank all those who contributed in the success, the many donors and contributors listed on NANFA's website ( http://www.nanfa.org/sponsors.shtml ), Dave Neely for his artwork, The auction crew headed by Tom Watson and assisted by Jim Forshey and others, the cooking and clean up gang of Bruce Bernard, Scott Schlueter, Ed Scott, Doug Habersaat and i, and the staff and personnel of Ash Meadows, Death Valley and the Moapa River Valley, along with our our speakers: Cristi Baldino, Jon Sjoberg, Steve Parmenter, Kevin Wilson, Alex Schubert, David Ward.
Surely i have missed a few others who together made this convention great!

As for an account I am almost done writing from a personal perspective and will share this with those attending. If all goes well and i have the time i will incorporate our pictures into a blog ( its too long for the forum, maybe the NANFA website? ) and make the site available to the membership. It would be wonderful to incorporate and edit everyone's highlights, stories, images and video into a DVD that features all the best photos, graphics, maps, underwater videos, speakers and narration... but that is a LOT of work!

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Our Leader Peter

Attached File  BigSpring.JPG   76.38KB   17 downloads

Big Spring, Mezmerized

Attached File  DevilsHoleGang.JPG   70.95KB   17 downloads

At The Perimeter

Attached File  DevilsHoleGangIn.JPG   70.68KB   15 downloads

In the Hole

Attached File  NV-Registerees.JPG   44.83KB   17 downloads

The Desert Gang

Attached File  AM-CrystalSpring.JPG   74.05KB   14 downloads

Crystal Spring Ash Meadows

Attached File  DesertSignNANFA.JPG   48.5KB   12 downloads

Marking The Way

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Casper Cox
Chattanooga, near the TN Divide on BlueFishRidge overlooking South Chickamauga Creek.

#5 fundulus

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Posted 29 October 2010 - 12:06 PM

Thanks for the pictures Casper, especially the one of people around Devil's Hole puts that locale in perspective.
Bruce Stallsmith, Huntsville, Alabama, US of A

#6 NateTessler13

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Posted 29 October 2010 - 08:56 PM

Fantastic write-up, Casper. I look forward to hearing more about the convention soon.
Nate Tessler
Environmental Scientist

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