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will okefenokee pygmy sunfish eat their own eggs or frys?

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#21 Guest_Erica Lyons_*

Guest_Erica Lyons_*
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Posted 02 June 2014 - 01:49 PM

Nice. Those look very lush and verdant. :) I love the way fertilized plants look, all super green against the black substrate.

I grow plants low tech. No fertilizers, no hassle, no bother. The lights are on a timer. For all my rooted plants, I use pure clay kitty litter, which already has all the nutrients in it plants need. For ceratophyllum breeding tanks, I just toss a clump of ceratophyllum into a bare bottom glass tank. Every few days I add fish flakes. Every few weeks I throw a bunch of the ceratophyllum in the trash. It's pretty low-mess. The only time ceratophyllum 'sheds' is when it's dying.

Can you share pictures of where to cut so that it folds properly? I'm going to build some of these and try them. I feel like I'm wasting space with my current setup. Only one male or maybe two will color up in a ten gallon. My shelf space is for a 15 gallon, so that's about 20 inches long. If I got some of the 5 inch long square glass vases, I bet I could fit either three or six of them on my shelf and then could have one male and two or three females per container. That'd be way more breeding pairs than what I've got now, just my 10 gallon tank in its 15 gallon shelf spot. *nods* I'm gonna build some. Can you share photos or diagrams?

#22 Guest_bryanmc1988_*

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Posted 02 June 2014 - 04:49 PM

i'll write one up in the new 2-3 days i have a kid so i cant really type to much all at once.... i have one that neds to be build so i will build it and post some pictures alone the way for you... just give me a few days just check back here same thread i'll post it all here...

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