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Collection Gear question

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#21 truecrimson

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  • Leb-A-non, PA

Posted 13 March 2017 - 06:47 AM

I have had that Frabill net for several years, and as a landing net it works fine.  But the hoop is not closed.  There is about a 4-6 inch gap on the front of the net where there is no metal bar and only net.  A few good drags across gravel and it will be done.

#22 brackishdude

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Posted 13 March 2017 - 01:36 PM

I found a black-fabric net at bass pro that has small holes (most of my catches are on the small end) and a robust telescoping pole for about 40$. 


The net does have the fabric exposed around the frame/rim (rather than within it like the Perfect Dipnet), but I slit a piece of clear 3/4" poly tubing along it's length and zip tied it around the entire rim, enclosing and protecting the fabric.  It is awesome. 

#23 itsme

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Posted 13 March 2017 - 09:40 PM

Not entirely self-interested, but one point about netting on dipnets:  Most of what's out there in regular retail either has mesh that is too large for much of what NANFAns are after or, if fine enough, is not heavy enough to last long.  I developed the Perfect Dipnet for that reason as well as other reasons of durability of the frame and netting protection.  The standard Perfect Dipnet 1P has 1/8" Ace mesh, which is a professional grade netting.  Small enough to catch about anything, durable enough to not tear easily, and soft enough to be easy on the fishes.  The white is softer than the green now.  But the green is dipped in a coating, and is more durable, and is attractive to fishes, since it resembles plant cover in the water.  I don't have any black now since I had to switch to the dip after the manufacturer changed the formula for the net yarn.  It won't take regular dye now.  Might get some black dip eventually if there is enough demand.  It's a messy, labor intensive process.  As soon as I get new software to update the site, I'm going to raise the price on the green for that reason.  For now, I'm honoring the current pricing.

#24 olaf

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Posted 15 March 2017 - 10:22 PM

I tore the white netting on my Perfect Dipnet (I don't think it's meant to handle rocks the size I was routinely picking up somehow, and I suspect there may have been some broken glass involved) and replaced it with the green. It's not been used as much yet, thanks to winter, but it is definitely tougher. It's not as supple as the white, but it's much softer than it looks and the more you use it, the softer it gets. I'll be giving it the full test frequently soon, and I have confidence it's going to be great.
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#25 truecrimson

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  • Leb-A-non, PA

Posted 19 March 2017 - 11:51 AM

On the buckets, does it matter if they are food grade, virgin plastic, etc or will any old Lowes or Home depot bucket do for collecting an aquarium maintenance?

#26 truecrimson

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  • Leb-A-non, PA

Posted 19 March 2017 - 11:52 AM

Oh, I wanted to ask, do the perfect dipnets float?  I just sent an email to order one.

#27 Michael Wolfe

Michael Wolfe
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  • North Georgia, Oconee River Drainage

Posted 19 March 2017 - 12:25 PM

I use any Lowe's or Home Depot bucket... clean is important... not having had paint or stuff in it previously... but nothing special other than that.

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#28 Casper

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Posted 19 March 2017 - 12:34 PM

Donate $2. to Firehouse Subs and get a 5 gallon pickle bucket.

If your into preserving your half way there. Otherwise rinse first.

Casper Cox
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