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#21 Guest_daveneely_*

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Posted 12 August 2008 - 06:11 AM

  • Is that $ 40 for the whole net, handle and frame?
  • So, let me get this straight, fiberglass does NOT conduct when wet?
  • What is the best shape and size for electrofishing?
  • What is the best shape and size for just sampling in rivers and streams?

hi nm,

yes, stock net was ~$40, with DIY mods ($20 of resin and tape, a $15 can of spray foam) I'd probably be up to ~$75, but that's enough supplies for a few more nets. I don't remember Loki making hex heads (which I really like for e-fishing), though.

fiberglass is non-conductive, even when wet. You should still wear gloves when e-fishing, though.

size and shape call into personal preference, and vary upon the target species or technique (wadeable streams with backpack shocker or bigger waters and boats) -- hex heads are good all around , but for using the way many on this list use them (kicking downstream into the net or sweeping through vegetation, something closer to the old D-frames work better). The standards are a 5'-6' long, 12"-15" width net for streams, or 8'-10', 15"-18" net for rivers.

gotta run, loading up a boat right now.


#22 Guest_netmaker_*

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Posted 12 August 2008 - 08:12 AM

Mesh size for E-fishing?

Depth of netting ?

thank you again.


#23 Guest_Irate Mormon_*

Guest_Irate Mormon_*
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Posted 12 August 2008 - 03:51 PM

I'll give Duraframe a resounding two thumbs up, too... durable as all heck, but they are pricey.

Netmaker, if you can build a fiberglass-wrapped aluminum handled net with a quick-removable hex head similar to Duraframe, but substantially cheaper I'd be really interested... I also wonder how much stronger they'd be if you fill the handle shaft with expanding poly sprayfoam...


Dave, this is almost exactly how the painters poles I use are constructed, except that the inner aluminum pole can telescope out of the fiberglass sheath. The foam does NOT add significant strength, but it DOES help the net float when you drop it, and you don't have to mess with pouring the water out of it. The outer pole is maybe 1.5" in diameter.

Anyways, I already have my fantasy net, just as I have described in the other thread. Except for the MOJI.

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