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#21 Guest_keepnatives_*

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Posted 19 March 2007 - 11:16 PM

I'd have to agree on carp as well. I've caught quite a few little ones year's ago. But just out of curiosity what would a baby Buffalo (the fish not the Bison) look like or how would it look different? Have not had much experience with those.

#22 Guest_smbass_*

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Posted 20 March 2007 - 12:34 AM

I saw a few Buffalo suckers over the past year and a half at the power plants we have been sampling and they do look very similar to tiny carp but the mouth is more terminal and they have a grayish or even pale purplish coloration compared to the carp which are more of a brown bronze color. The carp also have a spine on the front edge of the dorsal and the buffalo do not, that spine on the carp was present on some very small ones too so that should be useful. In my situation there were almost always a few carp or goldfish along with the occasional buffalo which always makes the differences easier to see (having them side by side). Once they are larger the differences become more obvious.

Here is a pic of one of the small buffalo we found...
Attached File  jv_bigmouth_buffallo1_mouth_Maumee_River_4_17_06_by_BZ.jpg   208.99KB   4 downloads

#23 Guest_Gambusia_*

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Posted 20 March 2007 - 02:49 PM

Anybody try to keep buffalo suckers?

#24 Guest_smbass_*

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Posted 20 March 2007 - 03:59 PM

I have not yet, but if I could find a small one that hadn't just got run through a powerplant I may give it a try.

#25 Guest_Brooklamprey_*

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Posted 20 March 2007 - 06:41 PM

Anybody try to keep buffalo suckers?

I have played with them off and on. They do not seem to be sensitive to much and are really much like a Nocomis or Semotilus care wise..Well at least in My experience care was similar, others mileage may differ .

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