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golden shiners

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Posted 06 January 2010 - 05:20 PM

I was just joshin ya about the angling thread. I'm one of the worst offenders for posting angling pics here. My POV is as a fish geek from all angles, I can't sperate angling from aquariums etc.

PS The mods have been tolerant of the occaisonal angling thread, especially if there's a few good pics.

yea i thought about it to didnt mean to come at ye but you dud it publicly like i was doing something completely wrong if you pm me it would have been different.you guys know how to find them thats why i ask.plus if i camr acroos a fish the i didnt need and some one wanted them i would be more than happy to give it to them.just like you .i told you where the mudminnows came from and gave them to you.so why cant i get a little info or some help.so sorry bout that but not mad at ya.thanks mike

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